Water Drainage

Perimeter Drain Tiles & Your Water Drainage System!

Your home is a very large investment and one of things you want to do to protect is to make your water drainage system is chaneling water away from your home and keeping your foundation solid, dry and free of mold.

Perimeter drains can be described as an underground drainage ditch covered with gravel with the sole purpose of directing water away the foundation of your house. Perimeter drains are usually designed using perforated plastic pipes that will move larger volumes of water away from the house into a catch basin or sump and then out to the city drainage system.

The reason for a perimeter drain around your foundation is to move water that so it will not sit against the foundation of your home and wick into it basement or crawl space. It should also be noted that a properly designed outer perimeter drain will be at a lower level than the footings to prevent the capillary action from drawing the water up and through the walls.

Interior Perimeter Drain

An interior perimeter drain could be used and it is installed around the inside perimeter of the basement. Some of these interior drains are  just a gap around the perimeter of the inside basement walls and it allows water to collect from seepage and drip down from the concrete wall. The big problem with this type of system is that it creates a lot of moisture inside the home and can cause mildew problems. Now bear in mind there can be variations of this system, but if you are finishing off your basement your best option may be an outside system.

One variation of an Interior drain is a type of French drain system that is installed around the inside perimeter of the basement wall. This system is then covered with cement. This system lets water drip down or collect in the pipe and then a sump pump will carry the water away.

The sump pump will be wired into the home’s electrical system and a battery backup is always a good idea. It is a good idea to maintain the sump pump yearly just to make sure it is in working order. For sure inspect the pump before leaving on any type of an extended holiday.

Water Drainage Solution

Sump Pit Drainage

A sump pump is not always a requirement but it certainly is an excellent solution to keeping a basment or crawl space dry when the application is warranted.