Foundation Excavation Vancouver

Foundation Excavation for Plumbers & Contractors

Vacuum trucks are often referred to as Hydro-excavators because they can be used for digging holes and foundation excavation with precision. It is this precision that makes a vacuum truck the equipment of choice on a lot of excavation jobs.

Vacuum trucks are great for tasks like digging trenches in an area that may have underground utilities or other assets such as fences, neighboring houses that could be severely damaged. The use of the vacuum truck can increase productivity, reduce costs to the end user and leave a site virtually undamaged.

Precision Excavation!

Can you imagine digging trenches around your house to expose old drain tiles, the neighbor’s house is close to yours, your fence is new, and you love the stamped concrete you put in last summer? If you want to protect these assets you have to be precise with your trench digging. With a vacuum truck you can use pressurized water to dig and also vacuum up debris that has been loosened. This keeps the job site safer, cleaner and usually allows operators to work faster. You can see why a vacuum truck has become a preferred form of digging on a lot of excavation jobs.

Excavation Benefits with Vacuum Trucks

Plumbing companies or contractors that hire vacuum trucks are usually amazed at the speed and exactness that can be accomplished. The old saying “time is money” certainly is true in these cases. If you have to rent a vacuum truck you will soon discover that the vacuum truck is better than using more conventional equipment. You will also find that the owners of the property will love the clean job site. It may be a great idea to call CrackMaster concrete at 604-614-2615. We will  look at your application for the vacuum truck and the time savings will probably be well worth the effort.

Foundation Excavation with Vacuum Truck

Cleaning Out a Catch Basin and Foundation Excavation

Efficiency Benefits with Vacuum Trucks

By providing so many useful benefits such as time, site safety, and costs it is clear to see why so many plumbers and small contractors are considering trying the vacuum truck. The demand for this service is growing quickly.More and more people are coming to realize the efficiency and effectiveness of the vacuum truck for excavating.
Let’s not assume that the only thing a vacuum truck is good for is septic systems. A vacuum truck can perform many difficult excavation tasks and be unmatched for speed and finesse!

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