Foundation Crack Repair Vancouver

Foundation Crack Repair Vancouver  – using Epoxy

A very effect method to for foundation Crack Repair Vancouver is to inect the crack with epoxy. Epoxy is a synthetic resin if installed properly it gives a tough, superior adhesion. The epoxy will have low shrinkage and it will be resistance to water and chemicals.

The area around an injection has to be properly prepared in order for the epoxy to hold and take properly. The crack will have to be chiseled to remove any loose material and the surrounding area is then set up with CrackMaster’s “Secret Sauce”. Injection centres are put in place and then the epoxy is injected. The epoxy will prevent smaller cracks from increasing in size and will prevent moisture penetration. Some cracks may also require carbon-fiber straps to be installed.

Foundation Crack Repair Vancouver

Foundaton Crack Repair in Crawl Space

In the above picture Phil is prepairing the foundation crack for both injection and strapping with the use of carbon fiber Straps.

Foundation Cracks Repaired with Carbon Fiber Straps

Carbon Fiber Straps are lightweight straps that are very strong and will be used to prevent a crack from increasing in size. The carbon fiber strap will be used in conjuction with epoxy injections to repair cracks that are a little larger or run horizontal.

It is not uncommon for CrackMaster Concrete to look at a situation where a homeowner has tried to repair a fairly large crack and they did not get a seal.  In cases like this we may have to use a combination of carbon fiber straps and a waterproofing system from the outside.

The reason for this: it is very difficult to undo somebody elses work when epoxy of some type is used. It is always a good idea to have a professional look at the work that has to be done. In many cases it is less expensive than you think, and for sure less expensive then if a foundation crack repair has to be redone.