Drainage & Sumps Vancouver

 Drainage & Sumps – Keep Your Foundation Dry!

Drainage & Sumps have always been on our list of services and many people have come to know “CrackMaster Concrete” as the leader in foundation crack repair and masters at keeping your basements dry.

Now our services have even gotten better with the purchase of a new vacuum truck.  The new Vacuum Truck allows us to be 100% complete with the services we offer to our clients. Many times a part of the drainage problem could stem from your sump or your catch basin and there is a need to remove water and sludge in order to inspect and repair.

I must say the addition of the Vacuum Truck came out of frustration. It was not uncommon for us to be called in to do drainage repair or foundation repair and discover part of the problem was a Sump or Catch Basin that had to be serviced.

This would mean we would have to call a third party to Vacuum the sump so we could continue with the drainage and sump repair. This put our time, scheduling and costs in the hands of a third party.

The Vacuum Truck  allows us to do foundation excavation in areas that are really tight (between two houses for example) and we can work without doing any damage to your property or the neighbouring property. It also allows us to clean behind the job, as we frequently power wash side walks, houses and sheds if they have become soiled during our drainage repair.

She’s a Thing of Beauty

Drainage & Sumps Vancouver

Vacuum Truck Cleaning For Drainage & Sumps


We have always tried to provide “value added services” in a timely fashion to our customers. When you have to wait for a third party it is harder to control time and costs effectively. We decided… that had to change! We have now invested in our own Vacuum Truck equipment.  This really compliments our ability and desire to service in a timely fashion and keep control of our own schedules. It also helps us to control costs and keep our services fair and affordable.


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